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Modern Trade

At GULFCO, we have you covered for Modern Trade. We distribute to 100% of the key accounts in this trade channel, including Hypermarkets of both International and Regional chains, large Supermarkets, and local Cooperative Societies.
Our team of vastly experienced experts manages the entire network of prominent stores, providing merchandising support when needed. We are privileged to work with brands that enjoy a leadership position in their respective categories, and our long-term relationships with key decision-makers in the industry enable us to speedily introduce products and ensure their prominent placement on the shelves.
Choose GULFCO for your Modern Trade distribution needs and experience seamless distribution services and market-leading expertise.

Convenience Stores

At GULFCO, we are committed to making products easily accessible to end consumers. That's why we cover an expansive network of convenience stores, which also includes the self service channel.
As a leading FMCG distributor, we also supply our entire product range to petrol stations operated by petroleum operators across the UAE. Our specialized team focuses solely on meeting the unique requirements of this trade channel. We ensure excellent distribution, with many brands dominating this category through superior product placement and visibility.
Our dedicated team also ensures timely delivery of goods to these convenience stores, making GULFCO the ideal partner for your self-service and convenience store distribution needs. Trust us to provide expert sales, trade marketing, and distribution services that cater to the diverse needs of this important trade channel.

Traditional Trade

Our traditional trade channel covers wholesale and export services, along with small and large grocery stores. Our Direct Sales Distribution (DSD) operation, one of the largest in the country, comprises over 200 food and non-food vans that reach every corner of the UAE. We also leverage our brand’s wholesale and export potential to move substantial volumes of our product range across various countries in the MENA region based on the requests of our principal companies.


Our diverse brand portfolio is tailored to meet the needs of the HORECA food service channel of the UAE, which includes hotels, restaurants, duty-free lounges, airlines, and bars. As a premier destination for both business and tourism, we take advantage of the rise in out-of-home consumption to showcase our brands in this channel. Our dedicated team has established strong relationships with key decision makers for the purpose of constantly identifying ways to provide best-in-class service to all the brands to which we cater.


As the e-commerce industry continues to grow rapidly in the UAE, GULFCO is committed to meeting the needs of consumers who prefer the convenience of online shopping. We partner with the top e-commerce operators in the country to distribute our extensive range of FMCG products. Our specialised team works closely with these online retailers to ensure that our products are made easily accessible to consumers, with prompt and efficient delivery services. Thanks to our strong relationships with these key players in the e-commerce industry, we are able to provide our brand partners with superior product placement and visibility, ensuring that their products are at the forefront of this growing market. At GULFCO, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovation and customer satisfaction in all channels of distribution.