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At GULFCO, we are building the future of logistics, with a process-driven focus on providing 360-degree Supply Chain services. Our strategically located, HACCP-certified warehouses are based in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah, and Fujairah with technologically advanced facilities and stringent fire safety, hygiene, security, and compliance norms set in place. We are one of the most renowned warehouse companies in the UAE with warehouse logistics that enable us to cater to the entire range of FMCG goods, providing fully automated ambient storage, chilled storage up to 4 degrees celsius, and frozen storage up to -20 degrees celsius, with advanced monitoring systems that ensure accurate temperatures 24/7/365.

325,000+ SQ.FT.

Total Warehouse Capacity


Orders Processed Daily to 10,000+ stores


Total Capacity for Palette Positions


Metric Tonnes Bulk Stacking Capacity




Our complex, all-encompassing transportation network comprises high-end temperature-controlled vehicles that serve as mobile warehouses. They consist of normal, refrigerated, and frozen trailers, trucks, and vans. With a highly customizable racking system, our fleet of vehicles are GPS-enabled with alarm systems for temperature control. Our Direct Store Delivery (DSD) vans use Hand Held Terminals (HHT) for stock management and sales services, thereby ensuring that sales data is generated in real time. Furthermore, our vans’ sales routes are well defined, and visit frequencies are monitored and managed by HHT.

Fleet of Fully-Equipped Delivery Trucks & Vans
Daily Store Visits
Deliveries Per Day
Metric Tonnes Bulk Stacking Capacity

Powered by Technology

Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) System

We’re committed to mastering what we do, which is why we’re always scaling up, investing in the most advanced technology at every stage. Our operations are seamlessly integrated with OTM for advanced transportation planning, execution, and business process automation across our modes of transportation.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

We monitor, optimize, and manage our storage, picking, packing, and transportation functions through our advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS) with the objective of turbocharging our levels of efficiency across our entire business ecosystem. It is our ever-evolving, future-forward approach that enables us to stay ahead of the curve, thus creating immeasurable value for all our stakeholders.

Centrally-Controlled Security Systems

Our warehouses are equipped with the most advanced technological systems. Our facilities are managed through Building Management Systems (BMS) in order to control our infrastructure and services at our fingertips, with the objective of adhering to hygiene and security-based aspects of our entire product range.

Haccp ceritified Warehouses

A HACCP compliant that supports Gulfco’s commitment to health and food safety.

GPS Enabled Vehicles

Our delivery vans are equipped with Tracking System allowing us to locate & monitor.