Goody co

GULFCO has a historic partnership spanning years with Goody in UAE since 2016. Goody is one of the leading multinational packaged food companies, headquartered in KSA since 1969. The product portfolio consists of a rich range of well-loved foods. With the combination of quality and choice, Goody empowers people to satisfy their desire to provide their family with a wider variety of nourishing and delicious meals. With this, Goody enables cooks in their daily quest to amaze.

Goody has a large range of varieties with the pasta, tuna, canned food and vegetables product lines, also adding flavour to any meal with mayonnaise, mustard, hot sauce, salad dressings, vinegar and syrup. The brand also provides consumers with amazing snacking options with its selection of nuts, popcorn, peanut butter, canned cream, nectar drinks, whole and sliced fruits.


Cofique, as much-loved coffee brand, comprises a range of delectable products sourced from the finest coffee from around the world. The flavours are distinct, with a strong aroma that provides patrons extraordinary coffee experiences, with a wide range of mixes that fulfill every individual’s desire for coffee. The mixes include delicious variants of both iced coffee as well as latte


GULFCO has been involved in the distribution of high-quality range of goods – Treva. Through its high-quality offerings, Treva provides a win-win solution for cooks and chefs everywhere, providing the right balance between quality and price, where passion meets performance. This value-for-money range of products includes Pasta like Spaghetti, Macaroni, and Vermicelli, as well as Tuna, Grape Leaves, Ketchup and tinned Mushrooms.