Established in 1926 by Haj Reslan Al-Kasih, the Kasih Food Production company set up the first Halawa and Tahini factory in Amman, in 1998. Since its inception, the brand has steadily grown from a modest family business to a globally-renowned brand, known world-over for its tahini and halva. The manufacture of high quality Halawa and Tahini has been strongly affiliated with the Al-Kasih family name for decades and counting. In addition to variants of its signature Halawa and Tahini, GULFCO also distributes its range of Thyme, Brown Sugar, Icing Sugar, Corn Starch, Cocoa, Green Freekeh, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Butter and Normal-flavored Cooking Oil Spray, Butter Vegetable Spray, Microwave popcorn, Pancake Syrup, Golden Tahini, Powdered Cocoa, and Extra Thyme, amongst others.