GULFCO is proud to have been representing the iconic brand Nestle Waters since 1965. The products are sourced directly from France and distributed across the length and breadth of the UAE. Perrier is the Number 1 sparkling mineral water brand in the world and Number 1 in the UAE. Vittel is a leading natural mineral water brand with high mineral content. Erikli is the leading brand of bottled water, offering consumers the best and most exquisite tasting water of Turkey.


Erikli is the leading packaged water brand of Turkey, known for high quality, unique taste and trust since 1952. The unique source of this water is Mount Uludağ at an altitude of 2,000+ metres. It is a soft-tasting water, with a unique taste acquired from its natural environment that ncludes the unique rocks and minerals with which the water makes contact.


One of the most well-loved brands in the world, Perrier is a calorie-free and sugar-free delicious carbonated mineral water. Perrier also offers varied tasty flavours that include Lime, Pink Grapefruit, and Lemon to name a few. Refreshing and elegant, the range of Perrier drinks has been delighting generations, with its blend of balanced mineral content and distinctive bubbles. Thirst-quenching on its own, its effervescent spirit is known worldwide, making it a refreshing choice on any occasion, and every day!


Pure and fresh, Vittel has been bursting with vitality and flavour for millennia. This natural mineral water is so unique and pure because of its journey through France’s Vosges region. With a journey beginning from the heart of the lush and varied natural environment that is the Vittel basin, it meanders through myriads of animal and plant species, continuing past underground rocks that typically contain minerals of that region. This is what gives this water its gloriously balanced taste and unique mineral composition – offering amazing flavour in every delightful sip.