SJ Johnson

GULFCO has been a distributor of the renowned SC Johnson – the leading home and personal brand in the UAE, since 1964. SC Johnson has been in the industry for over 130 years and holds to its name, a suite of well-loved products including Glade which is the fastest growing air care product in the UAE. Other products under the SC Johnson name in the UAE include Pledge, Windex, and Mr. Muscle, Raid, and Ziploc.


Glade’s range of fragrances has been masterfully created, with thoughtfully made packaging to put the power of air in its user’s hands. Comprising aerosols, automatic holders, auto car scented oils, candles, gels, multi sprays, one touch refills, carpet and room powders, automatic refills, and air fresheners, Glade’s products are crafted to shift the mood, adjust mindsets, and express customers’ unique tastes.

Mr Muscle

Mr. Muscle’s arsenal of powerful cleaning products have been designed to ensure the effective cleaning of hard surfaces with minimal effort. Scientifically formulated to enable users to tackle even the toughest messes at ease, Mr. Muscle believes that cleaning should be as simple as possible. The product range includes bleach, and kitchen, oven, drain, toilet, grime, and all-purpose cleaners, providing the perfect home care cleaning solutions.


Pledge products have been designed to polish, clean, and renew homes at ease, helping achieve a quick, gentle clean on multiple surfaces and leaving spaces with a shimmering shine. From furniture care to tile cleaners, Pledge’s range of products come in a variety of fragrances.


The Raid defense system helps one work smarter, using a combination of products that effectively helps fight bugs at home. It helps control, prevent, and attack bugs at ease with the products designed bearing this in mind. Available in aerosol and powder form, the science behind Raid is backed by 60+ years of scientific research by experts.


The Windex range of products have been designed to brighten the world. The brand holds true to the philosophy that there is something truly special about how clean glass changes the way one can experience a moment. Created to deal with the most stubborn smudges, this glass-cleaning pro is the ideal choice when one wants an unbeatable streak-free shine.


Ziploc bags are an extremely versatile, cost-effective packaging solution for both food and non-food items. They have great dust-resistance, durability, and toughness, with a secure locking top that prevents mold, leakage, and odour from growing, helping extend the shelf life of food. The Ziploc product portfolio includes storage, freezer, sandwich, and storage bags as well.