Ahmed Heshmat

Mr. Heshmat assumes a key leadership role as he oversees and manages the overall operations of the GULFCO Mars Wrigley Division in the UAE. With a focus on business development, he is responsible for formulating and executing market growth strategies, conducting thorough market research, identifying effective go-to-market strategies, and ensuring successful distributor management and principal relationships.
As a dynamic and goal-oriented leader, Mr. Heshmat brings extensive experience in sales, marketing, and business development within the FMCG industry. He thrives on finding innovative solutions and is driven by achieving strategic objectives while carefully balancing risk and reward. Throughout his career, he has successfully led regional departments to achieve remarkable revenue and profitability growth.
An exceptional communicator and adept stakeholder manager, Mr. Heshmat has a proven track record of leading complex projects with success. He has played a pivotal role in driving organizational growth through effective client relationship management, leading high-value negotiations, and expanding geographical brand presence. Additionally, he places a strong emphasis on team development, employing an empowering management style that fosters the creation, development, and leadership of high-performance teams on a global scale.